Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Monday, 19 December 2011

Every body needs good neighbours

We dropped by the block on Saturday and met another set of neighbours. A very young couple who are doing a good job with their block and I am sure will be very nice. We dropped in on another neighbour to pay our half for the fence. Our eldest boy met their daughter who is slightly older and they became best friends within seconds. The wives hit it off too. They have a baby who is a bit younger than ours, across the road is another young boy and next to them is some regular visiting grand kids. This is exactly why we wanted to move to to an emerging area and gives us a lot of faith that we have made a good decision.

DA Approved

A nice little Christmas present - we received notification today that the DA has been approved by Council without modification and the job has been passed onto the Certifier for the Construction Certificate.  We should be starting construction by early February.

There may be one hiccup though - I asked for the approved plans so I could send them to the bank.  When I checked them I noticed that they had not been updated with our overhead cupboards in the kitchen, which also means a large window was still shown in the kitchen rather than a slim bench height one.  I specifically pushed for that variation to go through so it would be ready for DA submission.  I am now waiting to hear back from Fowler Homes.  Hopefully no big deal, fingers crossed. Update - all good, doesn't, need to go back to Council. February start here we come!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

3D Home Modelling (pics)

In my constant dreaming about what it might all look like I have gone ahead and wasted much time this weekend creating the ground floor of my home on a 3D modelling program from the website . It took a while to master but then all of a sudden it started to come together pretty quickly. I suggest watching the YouTube tutorials before starting.

 It was also good for my wife to get a better feel for it, but now she wants to make changes. Too late!

Here they are...

Home Theatre (walls in Taubmans Gravel)

Living, Dining & Alfresco from Kitchen

Kitchen, Living, Dining & Alfresco