Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Earthworks... But the wrong kind!

Visited the block today hoping to see a construction fence or some survey pegs. All we found was a massive pile of excavated dirt from the site next door right where the slab will go! I can see machine tracks from their freshly dug front yard so I have taken some pictures as proof. Maybe they have a truck coming on Monday to take it away. My cynical side tells me they have no intention of taking it away. My brother in law can drive a bob cat so if worst comes to worst we can hire one and dump it over the side of their lovely retaining wall into their alfresco area. Hopefully it doesn't get to that. No action from Fowler Homes yet, 2 weeks after receipt of the CC. Come on please.

Update 1/3/12 - turned up I blamed the wrong neighbour... lucky he was good about it.  Got onto the builder at an adjacent block who admitted it was him and has now taken it way. Phew.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Construction Certificate Issued

The final hurdle - the Construction Certificate was received by the Builder yesterday. Construction should now commence within 2-3 weeks (we'll see). It has taken over 8 months to get this far which seems totally wrong. I have hundreds of thousands of dollars approved by the bank, I'm sure the builder wants it, and I want him to have it too. Any way, can't wait to see some action! Not long now.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Somehow I deleted this post and I know I shouldn't say this but it was one of my best.  It went along these lines:

Building is a slow and complex process.  Some people will not deal with it well, getting frustrated and angry, making it painful for themselves, their family, their builder, and sometimes me their blog audience.  They are likely to enter their home with negative feelings, which is really sad because your home is such and important place, probably the most important place in your life.  An alternative way is to expect problems and delays, from this position you can only be pleasantly surprised.  The final outcome is likely to be the same via either path - a beautiful home - but the journey can be a positive or negative one.

Now one would need to be the Buddha or Gandhi to not get frustrated from time to time, and I am realistic enough to know that I will fall onto the negative side from time to time, but I will strive to stay positive.