Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Plans (Pics)

We chose Fowler Homes' Monaco 28 design because we wanted a small footprint home to maximise the yard space for our little ones yet still get 4 bed, 2 garage, Alfresco, Cinema, Study, open plan kitchen, dining, family...  It is less than 16 m long, most are 19-20 m, and about 11.3 m wide.
This design is almost exactly the same as Wisdom Homes' Aspiration (and is from the same Architect).
I have included snap shots of some of the more exciting elements from the Plans.

Ground Floor Plan

1st Floor Plan

Front Façade Elevation
Compared to the original design we have:
  • Had to put a split because of the sloping site.  This was big dollars, mainly because the ceiling height had to be increased to 3450 mm in the front of the house.  Should make for a grand entry!
  • Converted the ground floor linen cupboard into a pantry (no pantry in original design)
  • Flipped the Home Cinema and the Study - no charge
  • Made the Ensuite Shower full length with two shower heads - this cost a bit too
  • Moved the Bed 3 and 4 windows to suit the view - minor fee
  • Added two piers and parapet over in front of the Home Cinema to jazz up the basic façade - this cost a fair bit
  • Made the Meals Room wall a recycled brick feature wall - this cost a bit


  1. Really like the first floor design, no bedroom has a joining wall to any other.. good luck

  2. We were keen to get the Master Bed isolated but never thought about the others... Thanks for the comment.