Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Fowler Homes This Week - A+

While the slab was curing we needed to get rid of the excess soil to make space for the external plumbing.  The contractor we used did a fantastic job moving the soil around to level the site up and in the end only took away 2 loads when they could have taken 8-9, saving us heaps of money :).

We really are going to have a good sized side yard, which is why we built two storey.  There was some money in the tender for some steps off the front porch that it is clear now won't be needed.  We will need a few steps off the laundry though.

This week Fowler Homes delivered on the promise of completing the external plumbing on Thursday and Friday.  They also cleaned up the site a bit more.  We have been quite happy with the constancy of progress in the past two weeks.  If this can be sustained we will be happy, happy, happy.  Now we are ready for the frame.  There is no Fowler Homes Monaco display home, so we are super keen to see the frame up and get a feel for the spaces.

There was a dispute over the piering variation.  When I inspected the depths with the excavator driver he calculated 89 m, which I signed off on.  The CSO rang to advised that we would be charged for 93.9 m, so I queried the variance.  Turns out the excavator driver had miscalculated.  If pressed I would have offered to split the difference 50:50 but Fowler Homes extended some good will and will only charge for 89 m. Nice.

Fowler Homes this week - A+.

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