Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Monday, 18 June 2012

Bricks and Upper Roof Complete

I have been struggling to get to the block before dark hence no photos, but:

  • Bricks are complete bar the back corner of the garage - I think there is some scaffolding in the way.  All looks pretty good, especially the piers and parapet in front of the Cinema that I added to jazz up the Contemporary facade (I should have been an Architect!).
  • Upper level roof tiles have been completed - Bristile Classic tiles in Gunmetal looking really good.
  • Soffit linings have been installed on the eaves
Bricklaying is such a messy and time consuming step. I'd hate to be the cleaner who has to clean the mortar out of the windows and tracks of my sliding doors, I will be making sure they are spotless.

I am following an Eden Brae job blog which is cracking along.  I'm sure Fowler Homes could be a bit better organised and be progressing my job faster.  I bet that speed of build would be a big draw card for most customers stuck paying rent or living with family!  The other suggestion I would make would be around communication.   A fortnightly email would be enough to keep me happy, and might quell some of the angst I read on other blogs.

We visited the new Homeworld Display at Kellyville yesterday.  Although it is listed as  'open' on the website, only one of the three homes is finished which was a bit disappointing given how far we drove.  I was hoping to see some of the package inclusions (particularly the kitchen) but most of it was non-standard.  The two houses yet to be completed are massive.  I hope that all of the tradesmen are not tied up on this job at the expense of mine.

I am at risk of sounding whingy so I think it is time to sign off.  Hopefully a happy post to come shortly with some pictures...

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  1. It is the first time your post sounds impatient TheCastle! But it is so real and normal . I had one period that I could not even be able to go inside the security fence. I really hope it was the first and last time.

    I red EBH did eaves and cladding (for the house as big as mine) just for 2 days so that I just want to confirm with SS if our eaves and cladding will be completed in 4 days. To my big surprise, SS said "no". It is a brilliant example to show why our home building duration is so long behind ....However, I still try to stay positive by hoping Fowler will do another job as quick as EBH or Fowler building quality is superior so our build takes much longer...

    On the website, it is said only one home is opened. We are also looking forwards to visiting those two double storey houses as their size is similar to ours and wish to learn ideas for functional living area and for planning for our second house...We really like Maretta architecture for both Wisdom, Fowler, Travelle and EDH
    Cheers Kiki