Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Australbricks Metropolis Topaz - Problem Under Control

Our SS responded straight away last night.  He really should be getting some rest rather than responding to complaints about bricks!  He rang the Austral rep first thing and arranged a meeting on site after lunch.

I showed the rep some examples of the colour range exhibited in the packs delivered.  He acceptedthat the colour range was greater than should be expected.  He compared the samples with other packs around the site and felt that the lighter sample was the outlier and felt that it may be present in small quantities (within the usual 5% allowance).  The two resolutions we agreed were:

  1. He suggested that the brick layers are asked to look for lighter 
  2. bricks and sort out where appropriate. An example was left for the brickies.
  3. If the colour variation cannot be successfully sorted by the brick layers, Austral will tint any unacceptable bricks to an appropriate colour (anticipated to be within a few hundred).  Apparently you can't see the difference after the tinting process.

I am happy with this plan provided that I am given the opportunity to review the laid bricks after cleaning and agree to what needs tinting (if required). A timely and satisfactory result - can't ask for more.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this issue. So happy for you (and myself too) that Fowler took appropriate action.
    I hope that our brick color won't be worst than yours.