Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Australbricks Metropolis Topaz - Problems? (pics)

Very excited to have the bricks delivered today as they are such an important feature of the facade.  I made sure I had a good look because I want them to be right.  I have found a few concerns that I will raise with the SS.  The colour variation in the bricks appears to be greater than that shown in Australbricks display centre on Wallgrove Road.  I am OK with a bit of variation so that the bricks look natural, not painted, but the fashion of the day is monochrome.  Am I being too fussy?

Australbricks Metropolis Topaz Display Wall

Range of colours in my bricks

Close-up of colour variation
 Also, some of the packs have been placed a bit rough on uneven ground and have broken apart.  Although I am happy we chose colour through bricks rather than coated ones where the body colour shows through, I still don't want them to be chipped.

 I'll see what the SS has to say.

We now need to order our Sydney Pressed Common Recycled Bricks for the Meals Room feature wall. I am seeing these used all over the place and they look great.  Very happy that they will be laid soon.  Shopping tomorrow.

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  1. I'm also very interested in what your SS will say about the brick's obvious different color and chipping issue as we will have the same brick.

    I will also let you know how our brick look as they will be hopefully delivered around the weekend