Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Two and a half weeks have passed since my ultimatum with the Site Supervisor.  I told him that I had faith that he could deliver and that I would not need to escalate my concerns. I was lying, and my true feelings were correct.  Initially there was a promise to finish within 4 weeks.  By the end of Week 1 there was ZERO progress and the promise was diluted to a defects inspection at the end of 4 weeks.  By the end of Week 2 we had benchtops and plumbing, but not the promised plaster touch-ups, painting or shower screens. Mid Week 3 we gain have ZERO progress. A total of about 1 days work done in 12. Way to ramp it up!!!

Like your pet dog cowering in the corner after tearing out your flower beds, my SS stopped returning my calls.  No choice today but to try to get in contact with his boss.  CSO has promised to pass on my concern and I will get a response tomorrow. Just like I will have my home at the end of October?!? I wonder if they can deliver a phone call on time!

Looks like we have been suckered into a big rush to the 90% progress claim stage and then foot off the gas, leaving us on 90% mortgage, full rent and no prospect of being in our home when our baby arrives.  A competitive tender at the start, but Fowler Homes are now costing us big time.  Sales people tell you a six month build time but that is just to get you to sign on the dotted line. Dirty, dirty, dirty.  Couldn't sell the place for what we have paid so far.

Are they competent enough to sneak it in before the contract period? Probably not.

If you are building with Fowler Homes, don't be expecting to be in your home until they are in the brink of paying you liquidated damages at the end of their bloated contract period - 41 weeks for us, could be longer for you. 10 years ago houses were being finished in 13 weeks. What has happened?

If you are thinking of building with Fowler Homes, don't. The value proposition represented in their tender will be blown to bits when they take a year to finish. I'm certain you can do better else where.

My wife is telling me she is going to picket the display homes (8.5 months pregnant). I hope we get a decent response tomorrow because I'm afraid she means it.


  1. Friends of ours finished recently with Fowler...after about 10 months. And that's not counting the extra months and months stuffing around before the build even started. They rented for 18months...

  2. We just celebrated(?) 18 months in our rental. I'm not hearing any good news about them any where...

  3. I really feel your pain! We originally paid our deposit in February 2011 for a standard home with hardly any modifications. Construction started in September 2011, and now November 2012 Fowler Homes are refusing to commit to a handover date after the last 3 have been cancelled due to failing to complete outstanding defects and scheduled tasks. Communication from Senior Management is just as poor as the non existing communication from SS and CSO.
    If your wife is serious about a picket at their all new display homes (only took 6 months to build) count an extra 2 people there!

  4. We signed up 2010 and have only recently moved in. Our build went on for 14months... and we have now been living in the home for close to 2 weeks and we do not have an aircondition unit... BUT we do have a HUGE list of problems that seem to never be getting fixed. :(
    We are not happy with out "completed" home. We deserved the best and got far from it.

    1. What do u mean completed if you and i didnt just ask for handover we still wouldn't be in our home. still a list of things they need to finish ......... Failure homes