Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Action Stations

After my Sslllooowwww... post I fell for another round of 'email the customer a schedule but then don't actually do anything' for another week.  I had been managing our side of the build all the way through to now but this was the straw that broke the camel's back - my hormonal 8.5 mth pregnant wife went coco-bananas with 20+ sobbing, ranting phone calls to the SS, CSO and Fowler Homes Reception.  Finally the next day (Friday) she got through to someone who was covering the sick Construction Manager who was shocked by her story, admitted that there were things going on in the office, our SS had been lying about progress and he would not be with the company much longer.  She was promised a call from the CM on Monday. On Monday she had to threaten to call the owners to get a call back from the CM.  He too was very apologetic, confirmed that the SS was leaving and that he would do his best to get the project to PCI within 2 weeks. He sounded very overwhelmed. More hollow promises???

Today my wife ran into our future neighbour.  She asked what the hell had happened because after witnessing months of no action at our site, there had been tradesmen climbing all over each other in the past week and a half. FINALLY!

Received notification yesterday that SS has left and we have been allocated a new SS.  Hate to see someone sacked (if that is what happened).  But as per Fowler Homes' tag line - 'you deserve the best' - and we were getting far from it.

In this period we have seen doors hung and handled, architraves finished, splashback, painting, cupboard fitout, basin splashbacks, plumbing finish off, mirrors, partial shower screens, internal clean and commencement of flooring.  Still to go - under stairs door, ensuite shower screen, finish grouting, install bath and spout, finish flooring, brick rectifications, finish painting, driveway.  By Friday? Maybe not... but at least they are having a crack.

A real shame that we had to reach meltdown point before we could get any progress.  I am hearing negative rumblings from many, many sources.  Fowler Homes will not be in NSW's top 20 builders for long if they cannot improve their completion rate and response to customers.

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