Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Base Price versus Full Price

One of my questions when embarking on this project was 'what is it really going to cost'?
The Reps will always say 'it depends on what you want to include' and in part it is true, but the reality is the base price is bogus and it is ridiculous that they can even use it as there would never have been a home built without some extra costs.

For the record, our final tender ended up $130k over the base price of our double storey home.  This included a fair bit of site costs including a split in the home, BASIX and approvals, air con, optional alfresco, floors and driveway, and quite a few decorator inclusions.  On a flat (<500 mm fall), non-saline block we might have done it for +$100k.

Our No 3 Tip to date - factor in a hefty spend above the base price.  Pour over the inclusions and try to think of everything that is not included or will probably need to be upgraded.

We are yet to do the colour selection and electrical appointment so although we have included provisional allowances for upgrades, I won't be surprised to end up spending more.  We will wait and see...

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