Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Monaco 28 with modified Contemporary Facade

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

How it all started (with Pic)

After battling with an older home for a few years we wondered whether we could afford to build.  We were always wary of the base price vs actual price unknown and assumed it would be out of reach.  We took the plunge and got an indicative quote from Wisdom Homes ($0) using the contour plan of a block of land in an area that we liked.  Here is a dodgy panorama from the block.  We liked the elevated location and the green views.  Also the area was nicely established and family oriented.

Panorama from our block

Even though it was a bit slopey we were surprised to find that it probably was within our reach and we felt that Wisdom Homes had been thorough and honest so we put our home on the market.

Lucky for us our home sold on the first day, $50 above the list price! The wife had really played the Agents against each other to get a low commission too so we were off to a great start.

We signed on with Wisdom Homes for a tender ($700) as we liked that their homes had good open plan access onto Alfresco areas and were small enough to leave us some yard space.  We were keen to tender with Eden Brae but all of their designs had way too big a footprint.  We got indicative costs from Clarendon Homes who were cost competitive but their designs weren't quite right and their tender was pricey ($1,000).  Finally we found Fowler Homes who use the same architect as Wisdom and chose to tender on a house that was almost exactly the same - hopefully a good 'apples for apples' comparison.

Our Number 1 Tip to date - get at least 2 tenders as the Builders will realise that they have to give you competitive pricing.  We had a friend who was quoted $40k in site costs.  When he walked they knocked $15k off without blinking an eye but he ended up buying something established he was so turned off.

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